C20 Journal 6 - The Sixties

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Edited by Elain Harwood & Alan Powers

The Sixties: a time of sexual and cultural liberation, the Space Age and a tremendous optimism. There were radical new fashions in clothes, lifestyle objects and architecture – and also the rediscovery of Victoriana and Art Nouveau. This is a collection of essays by the architects and designers who were there, including Peter Smithson, Patrick Hodgkinson and Jane Dillon, and historians such as Gavin Stamp and Lesley Jackson with fresh insights on those enthusiastic, mixed-up times.


  1. All Dressed Up: The Sixties ‘Youth Revolution’ in retrospect Jonathon Green
  2. Fab Fash Pop: ‘the look’ of British Design during the early 1960s Lesley Jackson
  3. When we Sat on the Floor: Furniture in the Sixties Jane Dillon
  4. The Most ‘In’ Shops for Gear Kate McIntyre
  5. The Space Between Peter Smithson
  6. White Light/White Heat: Rebuilding England’s Provincial Towns and Cities in the Sixties Elain Harwood
  7. Modern Architecture for the Masses: The Owen Luder Partnership 1960-67 Rodney Gordon
  8. Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury: A Good Bit of City? Patrick Hodgkinson
  9. Modernism, Medicine & Movement in 1960s Britain Jonathan Hughes
  10. The Counter-Modernist Sublime: The Campus of the University of Esssex Jules Lubbock
  11. The Brutal Birth of Archigram Simon Sadler
  12. I was Lord Kitchener’s Valet or, How the Vic Soc Saved London Gavin Stamp
  13. Time Line Simon Wartnaby

255 x 197mm
144pp B/w illus throughout
Published 2002
ISBN: 0 9529755 5 6