C20 Journal 14 - Building for Business

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Building for Business reassesses the reputation of office building architects and their work, from the office boom in the 1920s (essays by Alexander Bowring and Jonathan Clarke), through the heady 1960s and 1970s (Ewan Harrison on Seifert, Alistair Fair on ventilating and lighting British offices 1950-1985, Ian McInnes on Cecil Elsom, Geraint Franklin on speculative developments like Ringway Centre in Birmingham, Elain Harwood on the Vickers Tower, Oliver Bradbury on the NatWest Tower), to the advent of high tech and post-modernism (Chris Rogers on the architecture of Fitzroy Robinson), with an introduction by Alan Powers.

Barnabas Calder, the author of Raw Concrete: The Beauty of Brutalism (2016) and the forthcoming Architecture: Buildings and Energy from Prehistory to the Present (2021), says: “This edition of C20 Society’s journal is an absolute classic! The contents are a Who’s Who of postwar architectural history, and the topics are amazing. Worth the price of membership on its own.”