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Mid-Century Britain: Modern Architecture 1938–1963 
Here the late, great Elain Harwood - leading expert and passionate advocate of modern British architecture - gives the best overview of modern British architecture from 1938 to 1963.

Postwar Britain architects often saw architecture as a powerful means to improve the quality of our lives after the shadow of war. This is the fascinating story of what they built to meet that challenge.

Growing in popularity and with an increasing understanding of their importance as a background to our lives, the buildings range from the Royal Festival Hall, Newcastle City Hall and to Deal Pier and Douglas ferry terminal, from prefabs and ice cream parlours to Coventry Cathedral and the Golden Lane Estate. The author writes in non-technical, layman’s language about the design, architecture and also the influence of these buildings on the lives of our towns and cities.

Brutalist Britain: Buildings of the 1960s and 70s introducing the finest examples of brutalist architecture from across the country. Imposing and dramatic, with monolithic concrete exteriors, they form an enduring part of our post-war urban landscape.

This beautifully photographed book is an authoritative survey of the finest British examples from the very late 1950s to the 1970s, from leading architectural writer Elain Harwood, following on from her acclaimed books on art deco and mid-century architecture.

It features iconic public buildings like London’s National Theatre, imposing housing such as the Trellick Tower in West London and Park Hill in Sheffield, great educational institutions including the University of Sussex, and places of worship such as Liverpool’s glorious Metropolitan Cathedral, along with some lesser-known buildings such as Arlington House on Margate’s sea front.